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Shot on iPhone 6s

Apple Worldwide campaign / billboards around the World and magazines.

Super excited and honored to be part of APPLE campaign Shot on iPhone 6s – Colors! ūüėÄ
My photo was selected to be displayed on billboards and magazines around the world (23 countries).
I was able to see the billboards in 3 Los Angeles locations: Santa Monica / Beverly Hills /Los Angeles!

Here are some photos from my friends who took a snaps of billboards around the world. Thank you all!

Santa Monica

Beverly Hills

From the left:

  • Charlotte, North Carolina
    (photo credit: )
  • New York City | Manhattan
    (photo credit: Tess Moszczynski)
  • Boston dowtown
    (photo credit: Jordan-Ison)

Seoul, Korea
Gateaway Station


photo credit: Sangwoo Kim
IG: @ggallong52

Left side:

  • Bangkok, Thailand
    (photo credit: Ped Uckk)
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    (photo credit: Ped Uckk)
  • Seoul, Korea Gateaway Station
    (photo credit: Sangwoo Kim)

Right side:

  • New Delhi, India
    (photo credit: Mohit Agrawal)
  • Washington DC, Us
    (photo credit: Malgorzata Thatcher)
  • New York City, Manhattan
    (photo credit: Mary Koszycki)

Los Angeles,

San Francisco

Annette Gretkiewicz
Los Angeles, CA